Capcom battles fresh Resident Evil Village gameplay leaks

Capcom is battling a raft of fresh Resident Evil Village leaks, this time revolving around its tall vampire lady.

This week, videos showing gameplay of an encounter with Alcina Dimitrescu hit YouTube, but Capcom was swift in forcing them down with a raft of copyright claims. Capcom declined to comment when contacted by Eurogamer.

We will not discuss the content of these videos here or link to alternative sources. It’s fair to say, however, that it just got a lot harder to avoid Resident Evil Village spoilers, especially for fans of the internet’s current obsession.

This new leak appears to relate to the release of a developer build of Resident Evil Village no doubt obtained as part of the recent ransomware attack that has devastated Capcom. Capcom has so far refused to meet the ransomware attackers’ demands.

The Capcom information breach detailed the company’s upcoming game release schedule up to the end of 2024. Capcom previously said it feared up to 350,000 items of personal information could be held by the ransomware attackers, including addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and photos. But the company later upped this total to 390,000, with over 16,000 people confirmed compromised.

It’s worth remembering the assets relating to the supposed Resident Evil Village development build may already be outdated. But it is a serious leak for Capcom and, given the likelihood of further leaks, a tough time for fans who wish to hit the game unspoiled when it comes out.