Kind stranger praised for “heartwarming” note he sent to woman who hit his car

A random act of kindness can transform a rubbish day into something truly brilliant.

And the next best thing after helping someone else, or being helped, is, of course, hearing about the act of kindness.

In these dark gloomy days, it has felt like there is so much gloom and doom – and it’s been hard for many of us to raise a smile.

But some sweet stories serve to remind us that there are better days ahead – and good people still surround us, even if we can’t get as close to them as we’d like too.

On the receiving end of a sweet act of kindness was a woman in Portland – and it really was an act of karma, as she had acted honourably previously.

After hitting a stranger’s car, she plucked up the courage to leave them a note apologising with her phone number.

It’s something that doesn’t happen enough – with many people choosing to scarper instead, leaving the unfortunate party to pay off the excess themselves.

But her luck paid off – as the stranger sent her a rather sweet message thanking her, and making it clear she didn’t have to pay a penny.

The woman shared the exchange on Reddit, where it cheered people up.

She explained: “Bumped into someone while parking today and left a note.

“Apparently they were the best kind of person to hit.”

It said: “You get the good citizen award.

“I’m sure my license plate will survive…if it doesn’t make it, I can only believe it had a destiny to follow.

“We all walk our own path, but I feel strongly we will get through this together.

“Thank you and have a lovely day.”

What a lovely message to receive.

The woman replied: “Lol awesome. I’m more than willing to send you a new cover as well.

“Your license plate lived a good life. Have a good night, enjoy the snow.”

One person commented: “Kudos for doing that right thing – these days that should be recognized.”

Another replied: “This does my heart good.”

A third commented: “F love️ it when people act like actual people vs selfish entitled assholes! Bless you both!”