Firefighter’s two ‘life-saving’ tips that will help if there’s fire or intruder

We all know that it pays to be prepared for most things in life, but how prepared are you for emergencies such as a house fire or a burglary?

Well don’t worry too much if the answer was not prepared at all, because a firefighter has shared tips that will come in handy for both these circumstances.

TikTok user Kat Kamalani, who is known for sharing videos with her 500,000 followers about being a flight attendant, recently went viral for creating a clip based on her husband’s job.

Kat’s partner Keloni is a firefighter and he has revealed two life-saving tips we should all know.

In the video, Kat says: “I wanna show you guys two life-saving tips from my husband who is a firefighter.”

She then shows off a small fire extinguisher and continues: “We keep it underneath our bed just in case there is a fire on our level so that we can use it in the hallway to get to our kids’ bedrooms and get them out safely.

“The second reason is we put it underneath in case there is an intruder who gets up to our bedroom, we can use it to hit him over the head or discharge it at them.

“It’s super heavy so it would knock somebody out.”

Kat, who lives in the US, adds that she only spent about $20 on the fire extinguisher and encourages others to get one as it could save lives.

More than 200,000 people have watched the video, with thousands liking and hundreds commenting.

One person replied: “Thank you for keeping us safe.”

Another said: “Thank you! I would have never thought of that.”

Someone else wrote: “I never thought about having one under our bed for fires on the second floor. Thank you!”

A different user added: “Firefighter wife here and I’m upset my husband didn’t have us do this! Ordering now.”