Teen left looking like an ‘Oompa Loompa’ after hilarious fake tanning blunder

A teen who accidentally used an ultra-dark fake tan was left looking like an “Oompa Loompa.”

Keira Domachowski, 13, purchased the St Moriz 1 Hour Fast Tan mousse from Home Bargains for £2.99 after seeing it promised quick results.

But it was only after she’d applied it all over her body, that she realised her mistake – she’d picked up the “Darker Than Dark” shade.

As she waited for the colour to develop fully, she wandered into the living room to see stunned mum Carole, 41, in hysterics.

With her phone in hand, Carole called Keira into the room to capture the hilarious blunder on camera.

In the clip, the mortified pyjama-clad teen can be seen covering her face as she declares “don’t film my face ’cause it’s weird,” as her mum quizzed her on what she used.

The teen admitted she had grabbed the darker shade without realising, distracted by the fact it was quick-acting and would develop in just 60 minutes.

Carole said: “Keira’s been fake tanning for about a year and she says to me ‘Mam it’ll be alright when I wash it off’.

“This time she came down the stairs and I’m like ‘oh my god what have you done?’ She says to me ‘Mam don’t look at me now, look at me in the morning’. She’s funny she is.

“She doesn’t do it all the time, she does it for special occasions, but this time it was random – it was lockdown madness.

“I couldn’t believe the colour she was after it, thankfully it turned out really nice.

“I know it’s a popular tan and a lot of the youngsters use it but it just looks horrendous when it goes on, it’s so funny. They’re all oompa loompas.

“She left it on for an hour then had a shower and it looked a lot better then, thank god.”

Keira said: “I’m really into beauty stuff, I love it.

“I didn’t realise it was Darker Than Dark at first, I only picked it up because it was the hour-fast one.

“Usually I’m really impatient with fake tan and I end up wiping it off early anyway so I thought the hour-fast one would be better.

“I got a bit of a shock when I looked in the mirror and saw how dark I was.

“When I watched the video back I did think ‘oh no, what colour am I going to turn out?’ as it was only five minutes after I put it on – I’ve never been that dark before.”

All it took was a quick shower for the guide colour to wash off and reveal a natural-looking glow.

Keira said: “When I went in the shower it just fell off really.

“The way I looked at the start, like an oompa loompa, I did think it was going to be horrific but it ended up a nice natural colour.

“The colour lasted about five days, I would use it again but I’d leave it on longer as I know it’ll turn out nice.

“It’s definitely not put me off tanning in future.”

After being shared on Facebook, dozens of social media users shared their own fake tan disasters.

One person said: “This would be me if I tried tanning.”

Another commented: “That’s what I look like.”

A St Moriz spokesperson said: “Keira looks great after using our 1 Hour Fast Tan, we love seeing people’s results and she looks naturally tanned with a healthy glow!

“Self-tanning is a great mood-booster and we love putting a smile on people’s faces by helping them feel more confident!”