Learn How To Properly Plan For Your Camping Trip

Nearly everyone loves to go camping! It is a wonderful pastime that can bring families and friends closer to nature and each other. Camping is a great way to appreciate the outdoors, but there is much to learn. Look at the following advice to learn how to have fun camping.

Bring sleeping bags appropriate for the season. You are going to be really hot and uncomfortable camping in the summertime if your sleeping bag is rated for sub-zero temperatures. Alternatively, taking a light bag in the winter can lead to great discomfort. You may even develop hypothermia.

Make sure your tent is of ample size. This ensures the most comfortable sleeping arrangement and allows you to move about without disturbing others.

See if you can integrate swimming into your camping trip. You might long for a good shower when you are camping. The coolness of water while swimming is refreshing on hot days, and it helps you to clean yourself. You might not miss the shower after all!

Always remember to bring a roll of duct tape with you when you go camping as it can be used for all manner of things. It’s easy to use, can hold out moisture and will even fix a leak or a broken shoe!

How to pack for a camping trip: the smart essentials

Research the area you are planning to camp in and familiarize yourself with its particular dangers. That include deadly spiders, sheer drops, and flash flood areas. Every camping spot has a few dangers to be aware of.

Duct tape is a handy item to include in your camping gear. It is as convenient for repairs while you are camping as it is at home. It can be utilized to fix a torn air mattress. It can also fix up a tarp, sleeping bag, or even the tent. You can even put some under your feet before long hikes so that you don’t get blisters. In a pinch, you can also bandage an injury with it.

When you go camping, you live on basics, but you need to be prepared too. Bring extra blankets along with your sleeping bag. Blankets make good padding and can help you stay warm if it’s colder than you expect at night.

Are you the proud owner of your first tent and a beginner at the art of camping? Practice putting your tent up before going camping. Doing so will ensure you know what tools you may need. This can help you finish it quickly if you get to the campsite prior to it getting dark.

The peel of an orange might save you from mosquito bites on your next camping trip. If you forgot your mosquito repellant, do not worry. Experts have disclosed that simply rubbing the inner peel of a ripened orange on exposed skin can act as a repellant. The scent from the orange peel should last for several hours resulting in a long lasting repellent.

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Be mindful of your camp location choice. You want to avoid things like wasp’s nest, ant hills and things of that nature. If there is a lot of nearby vegetation, protect yourself against insect bites by wearing pants and long sleeved shirts. Also, carry insect repellent.

It is recommended you bring lots of beef jerky and/or trail mix when you go camping. When the sun sets and you get too exhausted to cook that night’s meal, you can cheat once or twice and eat some of those tasty, filling snacks you’ve now decided to pack. These items can be stored for quite a while, which means you don’t have to worry about the expiration date.

People will often forget to build their shelter before sunset. It’s very hard to set up your tent when it’s dark outside. You’d have to do it with the light from a fire or from a flashlight, both of which could be difficult. It is so much easier to set up your shelter before dark.

While creating a survival kit, include waterproof matches. These should be stored in an airtight container. You could also make your own by coating them with nail polish before you leave for your trip. A film container makes a great storage place for matches.

Improper food packing leads to food poisoning in many campers each year. Make sure to maintain the best preservation possible to keep your food fresh for the longest period of time. Pack an adequate supply of ice for keeping perishable foods nice and cold and be sure to drain your cooler’s plug so the food doesn’t get soaked.

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When you’re away camping, what cooking methods are you planning on using? You need to decide before you leave what method of cooking you are going to use so you can bring the right supplies. Most people like to cook on a flame, but this can be really hard without preparation.

Make food safety a priority when you set off camping. Use the correct containers to pack and store food in. Other foods should be kept in insulated coolers when appropriate. Store raw food apart from cooked food to avoid contamination. And always wash your hands before touching food. Cook all your foods completely, and make sure to chill perishables as soon as possible.

Plan ahead for keeping everyone entertained throughout your trip. There is much more to camping than fires and smores. Be sure to include activities that every member of the party can participate in. Think of both your younger and older kids when choosing activities.

A shower curtain that’s old makes a good disposable and cheap tarp to put beneath your tent. Additionally, you can use it as a place to cook or wash up. Do not throw out any old shower curtains — you can save them for camping.

One tip that people should follow when they’re camping is to bring toilet paper or baby wipes with them. Leaves should only be used in the place of toilet paper if nothing else is available, so make sure to buy some baby wipes and toilet paper for camping trips.

Although camping is very popular, it can also be very dangerous for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Hopefully, you have learned some things from this article that you can use the next time you go camping.